Press Coverage

  • The Stage

    A new fringe festival has been created in Morecambe, Lancashire, in a revived music hall in the seaside town. The organisation, which is running its first festival from September 8 to 10, has also been appointed the new UK centre for the International Theatre Institute, a UNESCO initiative set up in 1948.

  • The Visitor

    A swearing poet, screenings of classic films, magical workshops, live music and a reenactment of the gladiator film 300 are just some of the free events taking place in Morecambe.

  • The Bay

    The Bay is proud to be the media partner for the very first Morecambe Fringe Festival It's a brand new festival for performing arts and all the shows are FREE!

  • The Guardian

    Even little Buxton holds its own fringe, and Morecambe is just about to launch one.

  • In The Bay

    An event on July 11 at The Carleton club, will also include the launch of the programme for its shows in September. The evening sees Morecambe join the world’s cultural map along with 200 other fringes across the UK, Europe and the world, the biggest being the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which celebrated its 70th anniversary this year.