The Neverending Gig

A world record attempt for the longest ever live music gig will take place over 17 days in April. Billed as The Neverending Gig, the event at the Alhambra and Carleton Suite in Morecambe will attempt to break the 378 hour record set in Las Vegas in 2014.

We are going to live stream event to the world. Matt Panesh is now putting out a call for 400 acts that are needed to make the event a success. As well as raising the profile, and some much needed funds for the building, any money raised will go towards 
community projects in the West End of Morecambe following the recent national coverage of the plight of the poorest in the area.

Matt said: “We want the 1,000 capacity venue to be the beating heart of the community, and this is a great way of showing it off to the world. “There’s been a gaping hole here in Morecambe since The Dome closed, and this could be the perfect place to kick things off again.

“We need around 400 musicians to play 24/7, with no more than five minutes between acts, and no more than 30 seconds between songs. “We have Hawkwind opening and closing the event, and we want to see around 50 per cent local acts, and as many well known musicians from elsewhere getting involved.”

Entry to the event, which starts on April 2nd, will be £1 per person per entry over the course of the 17 days. To get involved email

4 thoughts on “The Neverending Gig

  1. What time does it start please?
    You’ll have plenty of Hawkwind fans still in town after their Easter event from the weekend.

  2. This Never ending gig sounds perfectly mind blowing. As soon as I can find out where Morecambe is. I shall be wanging it. Searching the Highest. Seeking the lowest.
    With my buddy Ces the dreadlock specialist.
    Hope to see you all in April.
    Long live the Music!!!

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