Morecambe Fringe Announces Local and National prize winners

The Festival Prizes have changed as well to incorporate some new categories, as performers themselves adapted to a new way of working and a new medium.

Morecambe Fringe Festival Prize Winners 2020:

  • Best Short Film (National) – The Forgotten Works
  • Best Short Film (Local) – Melinda Murphy
  • Best Animation – Valerie Shemilt
  • Best Solo Show – Genre Fluid
  • Best Comedy (National) Discount Comedy Checkout
  • Best Comedy (Local) Richard Davenport
  • Best Musical Comedy – Parodies from the Peak District by Andy Thomas
  • Best Adapted show in global pandemic – Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists.

Read More about this year’s festival in this article from Lancashire Evening Post.

Fringe 2020

The 4th annual Morecambe Fringe will be entirely online!

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we will be streaming 29 shows for this year’s fringe, from our Facebook page. Join us for our launch at 7:30 pm on Saturday 11th July for all the fun of the fringe, with all the comforts of home.

You will be able to pop some money in an online donation bucket for the artists shown in our livestream.

Find us at and follow us there to keep up to date with the rest of the shows.

Thanks for a fantastic Fringe!

Morecambe Fringe is over for another year. Thanks to all our volunteers especially Emma Corless, Paula Binney and Nigel Faithful.

A massive thank you to our reviewers who made sure each show was reviewed, and to Lancashire Evening Post for publishing the reviews both online and in print. The Morecambe Fringe Awards for 2019 have been awarded and can be found here

Also thanks to Beyond Radio who have been incredibly supportive in our endeavours.

A big thank you to all who performed, the standard of this festival was incredibly high, there are some real delights heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe, that we were privileged to see here. Edinburgh is the biggest arts festival in the world, and we’re fortunately geographically placed to catch these career-making shows on the way up.

We have grown massively since the first Fringe in September 2017. In 3 fringes we’ve gone from 15 shows over a weekend to 49 shows in a fortnight, and next year’s festival will be bigger, lasting three weeks in July. Be on the lookout for some new announcements as we plan for 2020’s festival with 90 acts.

This festival has always been about more than just the great talent that’s on offer – it’s been about getting involved, building the talent and opportunities here in the West End of Morecambe, a town literally built for Entertainment. Before we arrived there was a statue of a comedian, but not a regular comedy night, or bricks and mortar producing theatre. Now I’m glad to say we are here and established.

Our Fringe HQ, the venue/performance lab, Alt-Space has run workshops since January with The West End Players, our first intake had members from Blackpool, Lancaster and from across the district. It was some achievement to produce 8 full shows featuring 12 talents for the programme. These are reflected in the local awards below, but I want to salute all participants – not just the winners. Next year we’ll be aiming to support our local talent all the way to Edinburgh to help make careers of their own.

Our next in-take for The West End Players will be meeting in September, working towards the Fringe-mas Festival November 30th-December 7th.

The Fringe is a great blurring of the lines between amateur and professional, it’s where people can get up and give it a go.

If you’d like to volunteer, perform, sponsor, or offer a venue, please get in touch.

Morecambe Fringe Awards 2019

After an amazing two weeks with 49 incredible shows, we have our top performers for this year’s Fringe.

In the Local Category:

Best play – Salsa brava written and performed by Maggie Wignall

Best spoken word show – Awkward questions by Dean Tsang – Poet

Best comedy – Amy B

In the national category:

Best spoken word show – Nazis need Jews by David Lee Morgan – poet

Best play – Testament of Yootha written and performed by Caroline Burns Cooke

Best comedy – Chris Kehoe

Best dance show – Oracle by LPM Dance Theatre

Lookout! Award – One hour to save the World (in 15 minutes or less) and other noble minded nonsense by Becky Fury

Best title – Who’s the daddy pig? By Philip Simon – Comedian

Fringe goes to BBC Radio Lancashire

This morning, Deputy Director of the Fringe (although she gave herself a Birthday promotion on air), Emma Corless and one of our West End Players, Juggling Nun Extraordinaire, Sister Christian joined Hayley Kay on BBC Radio Lancashire to talk about all things Fringe.

If you want to take a listen, the interview starts about 50 minutes in, just after the Beach Boys and California Girls