Fringe Now TV


Do you have filmed show content?

We’re looking for content for a new Fringe Digital TV channel launching this month.  It will sit across 19 platforms including APPLE+, Amazon and Roku.
Born out of the covid disaster’s impact on the arts and specifically Fringe Festivals and performers, it’s a revenue share deal that comes at no cost to you.
Each view generates a slice of revenue, the channel is not a subscription service, so it is free to view for all the hosting platforms’ customers giving us a potential audience of 8-10m.
It will also be streamed into 400+ USA College campuses as part of an E-Sports deal. We will also be compiling Best Of Fringe features for a 400+ arthouse screen network across the USA.
Off the back of this we will be hoping to develop a tour circuit for our contributors across all disciplines.
What we are looking for:
Fully filmed HD shows. 20 mins plus
Short sketches, poems, comedy monologues or songs, 1-10 mins
Find more details about our technical specifications here: Fringe Now technical specs
What you will get out of it:
For a full show – You receive 40% gross revenue
  • The rest is split – 10% donation to a nominated Fringe Festival.
  • 25% to Fringe Now TV
  • 25% to the hosting platform.

A shorter piece have will an advert attached to it.  You will receive 40% of the adverts gross revenue.

If you are a Fringe or theatre/comedy festival please contact to discuss our affiliate agreements.

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