Morecambe Fringe Awards 2019

After an amazing two weeks with 49 incredible shows, we have our top performers for this year’s Fringe.

In the Local Category:

Best play – Salsa brava written and performed by Maggie Wignall

Best spoken word show – Awkward questions by Dean Tsang – Poet

Best comedy – Amy B

In the national category:

Best spoken word show – Nazis need Jews by David Lee Morgan – poet

Best play – Testament of Yootha written and performed by Caroline Burns Cooke

Best comedy – Chris Kehoe

Best dance show – Oracle by LPM Dance Theatre

Lookout! Award – One hour to save the World (in 15 minutes or less) and other noble minded nonsense by Becky Fury

Best title – Who’s the daddy pig? By Philip Simon – Comedian

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