Morecambe Fringe Festival : 10th Jul – 1st Aug 2020 : NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS

Morecambe Fringe festival is now open for applications for our 2020 Festival.

As a performer, our director, Matt Panesh has built the festival around your needs. We are here to help your Edinburgh run!

The festival runs 10 July -1st August 2020. We run on PBH Free Fringe terms.

The seaside town of Morecambe is just 10 minutes by train from Lancaster. Lancaster is 2hrs 30mins by train from Edinburgh and London. Smack in the middle on the West Coast line.

We dont charge you for your venue. You pass the bucket and keep 100% of the money.

£10 registration fee if you are successful.

You WILL get a review. ALL our shows are reviewed by the Morecambe Critics Circle, and published in either the Lancashire Evening Post, the Lancaster Guardian or the Morecambe Visitor.

We are a new festival. We started in 2017 with 16 shows over a weekend. Last year we had 50 shows over a fortnight. This year 100+ shows over 3 weeks. You will have the opportunity to perform your show twice, if you want to.

Accessible venues a few and far between so chances are you will be playing in an inaccessible space.

We have our own venue which is accessible but it’s being held purely for holdover shows.

If you wish to perform a second show in an accessible space, with half tickets reserved for those with access needs, put it in the form below and I will slot you in either day before or after your other show.

It’s a drop-in festival.

This festival for you is about going up to Edinburgh armed with a hot off the press review for your show.

In Edinburgh total reviews have dropped by about 40%.
In Morecambe accommodation is cheap,
Beer is cheap,
The people are lovely.

After Edinburgh we also run the Lancaster International Festival.

This is a post Edinburgh decompression festival, do your show once, hang out with other acts, talk shop, share workshops, sit on the beach and chill. Theres no fees, but we will try and accommodate you with hosts.
It really is about having a nice time with your compadres, having a central base to explore the UK from, sharing your art, and relaxing before you go back to the day job.

September 3rd to 10th 2020.



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